Small updates can make a big difference!

The past few weeks have been busy with updates, big and small, around here. I’m working on one project which I HATE, so it’s taking me forever to do that! It’s stenciling curtains so what could really take me a day has taken me about 2.5 weeks or longer. I’ve finish the fireplace make over last night (click here to check out phase one!) I’ll be posting phase two this week. In a few days we’ll be laying down the pergo floor in the family room. But in the meantime, there are really quick and easy ways to spruce up exsiting pieces in your home that could change the look of the room!

I had bought a curtain rod at Ikea. The finials were pretty boring. I had found a pair on clearance from West Elm that I couldn’t pass up! When I got them in the mail, I realized that the finials from West Elm were screw in and I didn’t have anything to screw them into. So, my dad pulled a pretty clever MacGyver move!


So, what he did was just snap off the original finial and drilled a small hole to screw in the new finial…


Another small change we made was reusing the gift that keeps on giving around here. My teal paint by Benjamin Moore that we first used for the front door makeover (click here) and then used for my coffee bar cabinet (click here). I had this big mirror that my mom had given me that was a goldish color and not really my style:


Since I gave the paint to my mom so she can paint her front door, she used it to repaint the mirror frame for me. All you would need to do is tape around the edge of the frame so it doesn’t get on the mirror.


Here she is!

How about you? Any small updates you’ve done lately? Any big ones your tackling? Any that you’re half way done and putting off like me? 😉


Cafe Cintron

Not that long ago I gave my front door a stellar make over (If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here).  Well, what I forgot to tell you is that I didn’t think a quart of paint would be enough so I got a gallon. Um, wrong. Even for two-three coats for two big doors, I barely made a dent. That can of paint was not cheap so I plan on getting my money’s worth!

A few different coffee stations have been floating around pinterest. Two thoughts immediatly come to my brain: 1) Hey, I love coffee. 2) I want one.

So, coffee bar planning begins. First thing I needed was a cabinet of some sort. Do I build one? Do I buy one? Do I repurpose? Well, thanks for Craigslist I picked up this perfect cabinet for 20 buckaroos. Oh yeahh! It’s adorable. It’s promising. And it’s way too country. The only before picture I have is this crappy cell phone picture.


Cue 50 gallons of left over teal paint. Hubby gave this a good sanding and painted it with a small foam roller. We haven’t sealed it or anything and so far it seems to be holding up fine! The knobs on it were rusty and just not my style, even if I spay painted them. I found a pack of four mercury knobs at homegoods and thought that would be perfect! The handles for the drawers I found at Lowes. I think they have such cute and girly lines which go well with the curvy and girly lines on the bottom of the cabinet.

On top is our keurig, a DELICIOUS candle that smells of baked cookies (but without the calories!), and two storage containers that we keep our sugar and ground coffee.

Above the cabinet, I wanted this shelf but couldn’t bring myself to spend 120.00. Luckily, Homegoods pulled through for me again! I got this one for $90 less!! Oh, it feels SO good to get a deal like that!! In there, I keep my k-cups and hide my “vintage” thermomater.

Here is a complete view:

What do you think? I love it! The only thing I have to do is get the right size hinges for the cabinet doors and she’ll be all done! Will you be creating a coffee bar soon?