How to build a fireplace mantle/surround (Phase 2 – Fireplace Reveal!)

We have finally finished our fireplace makeover! Hurrah!!! A few weeks ago I posted how we tiled the fireplace (click here). So, let’s start and go over how we built the surround.  We ripped out the wood below the mantle, luckily our mantle was built into the drywall. This may not always be the case so if you are going to do something similar, make sure the mantle was built into the drywall or be prepared to build a support beam. Since the sides have nothing to screw into, take a small block and screw it up into the mantle. Then that will give you something to screw the sides in. Do this to all sides and in the front of the mantle. Of course all sizes and measurements depend on how big your mantle is and how far you want to go out. the width of mine is 4 1/4 inches.


We used primed wood but the bigger piece wasn’t primed in the size we needed but I had primer on hand, so that wasn’t a big deal. Once the frame of the surround is all on you want to work on your “boxes”. Again, this all depends on what sizes you want.


We used a brad nail gun to put them in place:


And Ta-Da! The rest is all cosmetic work! I lightly sanded the pinewood and gave it about two or three coats of primer. Then I used wood filler and put it over all the holes from the brad nail gun. You just take a little and lightly spread it over the hole. Use the spackle knife to get it as flat as you can. It takes about 15 minutes to dry and then when it’s dry, you can sand over it to get it nice and smooth. Then I gave it all a coat of paint (I used swiss coffee).


And drum roll pplleeeaasseee……………..



This project was a lot of firsts for us; first make over, my first time tiling…And it doesn’t stop here! We just finished laying pergo floors in the family room and gave this room a huge make over! Stay tuned folks!


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