Extreme Family Room makeover!

We moved in about a year ago and have lots of plans for this place. The bad thing about this house was that NOTHING was updated. The good thing about this house was that nothing was updated. Don’t worry, you’re not seeing things, I meant to type it like that! Having a house with nothing updated meant that we could do things EXACTLY the way we want to! So with a recent fireplace make over (click here and here) and laying down pergo floors earlier this week and buying a few new items, we’re left with a brand new room and we seriously can not get enough of this room! Here is a refresher of what it was like before we moved in:


The first thing we did is paint when we moved in. I painted it a mustard tuscan color and after a year, I hated it. So, I repainted it colormatched by Glidden: Diverse Beige by Shermin Williams. Then we painted the baseboards “Swiss Coffee” and are slowly working on painting the doors.  We redid our fireplace which really now is the focal point we can be proud of! Now, we can’t wait to have people over!



The wood flooring we chose is pergo’s highland hickory. I’m so in love with it that I rolled around it when it was put down. Literally. I wanted something that had grooves and resembled real wood but easier to take care of and this was the perfect choice for us. It looks and feels like real wood.


I got this rug for a steal thanks to Groupon. And with a toddler boy and two german shepherd mixes, I needed something durable. It came from Rug USA and they had a ton of fun and contemporary indoor/outdoor rug options and it’s pretty soft, considering it’s outdoor.

We’re so pleased with out this room came out. We have minimal changes to be done to this room and soon, I’d like to put in builtins next to the fireplace:


Anybody else have extreme makeovers of their own?


6 thoughts on “Extreme Family Room makeover!

  1. I love the rug! You had left me a comment about my tile mirror. None of the tiles have moved! The adhesive has held up very well. I don’t think those tiles are ever coming off the mirror!

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